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John (SCN Webmaster)Smooth & Cut Naturists (SCN) is an exciting and unique website for naturists (nudists) worldwide which has the aims of promoting depilation (body hair removal by whatever means) and circumcision in men.

SCN is of the firm opinion that to be smooth (ie without any body hair), and for the male to be circumcised, forms the perfect combination (especially when nude) with so many distinct advantages. These include being totally open and concealing absolutely nothing when seen nude to being able to keep scrupulously clean and being far more appealing to look at when nude while having unbelievable sensitivity and enjoyment during more intimate times.

Tammy [tammy.jpg]Many women are keen on the advantages of being "body-smooth" and of male circumcision from the “end user’s” as well as the cleanliness and aesthetic points of view and SCN supports and welcomes their views and participation in our website.

SCN is not a correspondence club. The website exists for like-minded members to participate and express their views (in our Message Forum, for example) which primarily focus on our aims set out above.

Note: The successful UK SCN naturist club has now ceased operation after some five years for a number of reasons, but this highly popular website, which was originally a spin-off of the club, will continue and flourish to promote the basic aims of SCN: Smooth and (for men) circumcised nudity.



We also wish to promote "Nude Tolerance" - the universal acceptance of tasteful (non-sexual) nudity in public places such as all beaches, lakes, parks, the countryside and other open spaces - as well as within the confines of your own home and garden. Help our cause by gradually making the general public aware that non-sexual public nudity is acceptable by stripping off at appropriate times.  But be cautious: under no circumstances cause offence by, for example, 'showing off' or other forms of exhibitionism.  If challenged, always dress and say that you had no intention of causing offence.  Little-by-little nudity will then be considered generally acceptable!




Organiser, John [john45.jpg] Elen [elen19c.jpg]
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